DWC has 700+ Members

Affluent LGBT + Allies Wine Drinkers

Hi.  My name is Bob Day and I am the founder & organizer of Diversity Wine Club. Wine is my passion, and by extension, DWC is my passion too.

Diversity Wine Club is for LGBT + Allies. We are the only LGBTA Wine Club in the mid-west. We hope to open chapters around the country.

Grow Your Business With DWC

  • Advertising - website, newsletter

  • Networking - attend events

  • DWC Facebook - post your special events

  • Sponsorships - get recognition

  • Hosting - at your home or business

  • Promotional Items - giveaways for meetups

  • Cross Promotions - to your customers and our members

DWC offers local businesses and organizations inexpensive memberships and inexpensive sponsorships to reach these potential new customers.

Grow Your Business With DWC Slideshow

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Have An Idea?

We are the first to admit that we are figuring this all out. DWC consists of me and some volunteers. We are very open to your ideas. Feel free to reach out to me, talk to me at a meetup, or attend an officers meeting. I would love to hear your ideas.

Bob Day

DWC Organizer

(317) 210-0210 (texting, voice)

P.S. Our website has come a long way. Take a look. Home