What is the code of conduct at a meetup?

DWC is a big tent organization intentionally welcoming LGBT + Allies. Conservatives, liberals, gays, lesbians, straights, trans all mingle at DWC. The key to everyone staying welcome is RESPECT.  

  • Respect for:

    • Each individual you meet through DWC.

    • Wine (i.e. drink responsibly).

    • Private a host’s home and public venues.

    • Private areas of homes and venues.

    • Hosts, staff, and volunteers.

    • Diversity Wine Club itself.

  • Respect that:

    • A registration means you will attend as promised or cancel.

    • People attend DWC meetups to socialize, make friends and enjoy an intentionally welcoming relaxed environment.

    • Meetups are usually a pitch in, so you need to pitch in and bring what is asked for.

    • Smoking, drugs, and weapons are always prohibited.

DWC has zero tolerance for disrespect of any kind and reserves the right to ban anyone for any reason. Report any concerns any DWC volunteer.

Is DWC affiliated with any religious group or political group?


Are straight people welcome?

Yes. That’s the Allies part of LGBT + Allies.

Where are meetups held?

  • Private venues such as a member's home, condo or clubhouse.

  • Public venues such as a winery, restaurant, bar or businesses.

What are Fundraiser meetups?

A special event with the charity cause clearly identified in the invitation.

How Does DWC Communicate to Members?

  • We create a monthly newsletter that is emailed to all members. Your email is required to be a member. There is an archive of our emailed newsletters here.

  • We also text (i.e. SMS) to members about upcoming events and to confirm you are attending a particular event.

  • You can unsubscribe to emails or texts are any time.

Can members organize their own DWC events?

Yes. We encourage it.  DWC has a Facebook page to facilitate this (www.facebook.com/groups/diversitywineclub). Members are able to post their meetup on the DWC Facebook page and invite DWC members.

All meetups must have a wine involved, but that is the only criteria. If you plan far enough ahead, we will include your meetup on our official calendar.

You must be a Small Business Member if you have a profit motive in hosting a meetup.

Why does DWC charge dues?

The dues are used to pay the expenses of DWC. Our meetup.com page is $190/year, the website is $210, the PO Box is $70/year and the list goes on and on, right down to wine glasses and supplies for the events.

Can I pay dues at a meetup?

Yes. You can pay dues in several ways:

  • At any event.

  • At our website 24 x 7.

  • During registration to attend an event.

How much are the dues?

  • $15/year/couple for a Personal Membership.

  • $99/year for a Small Business Membership (includes a Personal Membership).

  • Membership includes your Significant Other.

  • Dues are meant to be inexpensive.

What is a Small Business Membership?

If you have a profit motive for participating in DWC, then you need to be a Small Business Member. See Grow Your Business With DWC for the benefits.

FAQ For Hosting

Thanks for your interested in hosting a Diversity Wine Club meetup at your home, condo or clubhouse.

What does everyone bring?

DWC meetups are usually pitch ins. Members will bring wine and whatever is requested. For example, if you are hosting a Wine & Desert meetup, the attendees will bring to share a bottle of wine and desert (with serving utensils).

DWC supplies:

  • Acrylic wine glasses (reusable).

  • Metal silverware forks (reusable).

  • Nice plastic plates (reusable).

  • Napkins.

  • Other small items.

Host supplies:

  • A clean house.

  • Ice water (if you have a water Urn, even better).

  • Some hosts provide a server to help and additional food, which are both a nice touch, but not required.

  • DWC & the Host must NEVER PROVIDE ALCOHOL for guests. This is for liability reasons.

What about use of the house?

Attendees are not allowed to use a host’s kitchen to cook or significantly prepare any food. However, your stove and oven should be available to keep things warm.

Put notices on doors that say “Private” if you do not want attendees to go into that part of your home.

If attendees show up significantly early, simply remind them of the starting time and invite them to come back then.

DWC does vet a new venue to make sure it is appropriate.

How many DWC members are invited?

That's up to you. There is no expectation at a wine meetup to sit down at a table (like at a dinner party), so everyone is standing. This means you can probably handle more people than you think. We would like the number of attendees to be at least 50 - 75 (a modest size home; don’t forget your patio and porch for summer meetups).

Our website uses Eventbrite to manage Registrations, but it is not a perfect system. Your address is only provided to those that have Registered to attend.