A Wine Club for Everyone

Socialize • Network • Learn • Give Back

Our Mission

Diversity Wine Club is an intentionally welcoming, wildly inclusive, casual social wine club for LGBT + Allies.  Wine novices and experts are welcome.

We host monthly Wine meetups at a member's home, condo or clubhouse and business events at a winery, restaurant, bar etc. 

We don’t sell anything but memberships and business sponsorships.

We have a simple mission…


Make New Friends & Reengage Old Ones

Diversity Wine Club gives LGBT + Allies a relaxed social environment to get to know each other better.

You will meet people that will become good friends. Maybe you only see them at DWC meetups; maybe you make plans to socialize outside of DWC too.   

We are not a dating club. But, sooner or later, there will be married couples who originally met over a nice Malbec at a DWC event. You can bet on it.

Silver Sponsors

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Advance Your Career or Build Your Business

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All of us know the value of a strong network of connections. You can advance your career with it. You can build your business with it.

All of us prefer working with people we know. It’s why networking works so well.

We have both Personal Memberships and Business Sponsorships. The latter is for entrepreneurs who want to network to build their business.

Dive Deeper into the World of Wine

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These meetups have an educational purpose.  A noted wine expert presents on some aspect of wine.  It’s meant to be interesting and informative. 

Learning meetups are sponsored by businesses in the wine industry.  They provide the expertise and often the wine to sample.

Give Back...
Help The Local Community

Some meetups are designated as fundraisers.

DWC fundraisers are sponsored by local area businesses, such as wineries, restaurants and bars. We raise money while having fun.